Parapet wall service in bronx

Parapet wall construction Service in Bronx, New York

Nowadays, New York City’s parapet walls are ubiquitous, thanks to the city’s private homes, condos, commercial buildings, and skyscrapers, all of which have parapet walls that eventually tilt or leak water, necessitating repair or reconstruction.

Professionally educated and certified contractors with excellent craftsmanship guarantee their work, ensuring that parapet walls stay pristine and perform effectively for a long time.
Flat roofs and large structures have created the need for parapet wall construction in New York City. Ace General Contracting Corp is here to help the parapet wall repaired or rebuilt.

We have been serving the Bronx, New York residents for the last two decades after learning the nuances of parapet walls. To suit the demands of your house or company, we ensure that we give the best roofing and building services.

Need of Parapet Wall Construction Bronx

It is currently necessary for commercial and residential buildings to include parapets to create a safe barrier. A concrete parapet wall extends the wall’s usefulness by providing a place for useable goods to be safely supported while acting as a fire barrier or guardrails.

Looking closely, you can see a parapet at the end of almost every freshly erected building. Contact our Ace general contractors to take advantage of our services, whether you’re a company or a house owner looking for home parapet repair. Due to our firm adherence to company ethics and long-term relationships with clients, we can repair quickly.

Additionally, parapet construction prevents flames from spreading, preventing debris from falling from flat rooftops and hurting passers-by. So, because of the city’s high concentration of flat rooftops, parapet walls are pretty popular in New York.

Similarly, to protect the building’s roofline, masonry parapet walls are built as an extension of the building’s main wall. Historically, these walls prevent people or things from falling down the structure’s edge or limit fire spread.

You can rely on Ace parapet wall installation, replacement, and repair specialists. Roof and construction services have been a part of our company in New York for more than 15 years, and we can assist you in ensuring that your parapet walls are in ideal shape and meet local regulations.

As all of our contractors are fully licensed, adequately trained, and very experienced, we can always provide high-quality work and your utmost happiness.

Advantages of Parapet Walls Construction

Buildings benefit greatly from parapet walls, so you’ll want to preserve them in excellent shape. Here are the main advantages of parapet wall construction.

Fire Protection

Fire can’t spread upward or across buildings because the parapet walls reach above the roof plane. Indeed, parapet wall construction is required in many cities across the globe for this exact reason.

Parapet wall waterproofing

Moreover, these walls are waterproof. So, by constructing a new fence or even after parapet wall repair, you will not face leakage problems.

Enhances the wind resistance

Damage to your roofing may be caused by severe winds, mainly if your roof is at a high altitude where winds are more common. Increase your roof’s wind resistance with brick parapet walls, and you’ll have minor damage.
In sum, Ace General Contracting Corp experts are here to help if your parapet walls need repair or maintenance.