Brick work in bronx

Brick repair Service in Bronx, New York

In the Bronx, New York, no one does brick repairing and pointing like Ace General Contractor Corp. You can trust us since we have years of expertise in the field and professional-grade instruments and procedures in place to ensure that you get the best outcomes. We can come to your location for a free inspection, assessment, or estimate.
If you have any water leaks or moist patches, we may grind, point, or replace the bricks in your house. Natural weathering and degradation may lead to gaps in masonry pieces, allowing water to leak into the structure over time. Grinding and pointing may restore your brickwork to its original state if you’ve observed any signs of wear and tears.

Ace Brick Repair Service in Bronx

The brick building, bespoke brick fireplace, brick wall, brick retaining wall, and brick pathway are just a few of the areas where our experts in Bronx, New York City, are engaged in the job of repair, brick maintenance, and installation.
For long-term durability, we go out of our way to choose high-quality bricks, and it’s our responsibility to take good care of those bricks after they’ve been put correctly.

Ace Brick Repairing Process

During a brick repairing project, we always begin by inspecting the mortar. Then, we’ll assess the options and determine whether or not any of the mortar must be removed. Whenever we replace old mortar, the kind, color, and texture will be identical to the original mortar.

We will take mortar samples to determine the components, ratio, and aggregate. Until we reach the sound mortar, we remove any broken mortar. It is a labour-intensive operation. We may need to remove some softer materials from your structure by hand to prevent any harm.

We’ll use a grinder or a blade if the mortar is very hard, and we’ll take extra care to avoid damaging any masonry components. Incorrect brick pointing may result in a feathered mortar edge, which is unpleasant to the sight and can lead to the mortar eroding more rapidly than expected.
As a result, working with an experienced specialist is essential, and Ace General Contracting Corp is the ideal solution for your needs.

Hire a Professional for Brick Repair Service in the Bronx

We at Ace General Contracting Corp can always ensure your total satisfaction with our service since all of our personnel are licensed, well-trained, and have a wide range of expertise.
Your Bronx home or commercial property is valuable to us. So, we deliver only the highest quality services. The quality of our work is guaranteed, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive all you want from our services.
At Ace Bronx NYC, we prioritize the needs of our customers when it comes to the repair and installation of brick. We provide comprehensive damage repair and brick restoration services to breathe new life into your house.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Ace Brick Repair Service in the Bronx has suitable instruments and a staff of professionals who know how to use bricks to beautify and structure a landscape. Besides, they are familiar with all aspects of brickwork repair and replacement. So whether you need anything repaired, replaced, or installed, we can make it appear like new at a reasonable fee.